Adobe Spark - Jan 2017

I just read some simple steps on how to get create using an amazing post platform by Adobe Spark, is very simple to use with a prompt questionnaire of what you want to do today? without getting frustrated on how to use the new program or how  to be creative, this program allow you to choose different fonts, colors, and images that would automatically create the post for you, you can also share it with a click from the same platform

As we all know creativity only comes from a place that is relax open and unaware of the outcome but is hard to maintain the balance between been creative and the datelines of work. Pressure and creativity do not always go hand in hand…

For more information about the new program


Adobe Spark - Jan 2017
Made with Adobe Spark

Edward de Bono, an author and expert in the field of creativity and lateral thinking, said, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way,” which is the inspiration for this exercise. Pick a relationship in your life that is challenging, whether it’s with a loved one, friend, or colleague, and look at things from that person’s point of view. You don’t necessarily have to accept it as truth, but practicing taking on that person’s perspective will not only exercise your brain, but will help you develop the ability to look at things in new and different ways.

Read the full post on 10 exercises to Spark creativity by Adobe Spark Full Article

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