Join over 10 million people who actively use our software to protect themselves from hackers and trackers.

Disconnect was founded in 2011 on a belief that we all have a right to privacy and that privacy should be the default online. In the past four years, we’ve built an incredible team which has developed award-winning, user-friendly privacy and security software that is actively used by millions of people. Disconnect exists to help solve an important social issue and our founding principles are reflected in the way we run the company. We’re proud to be a Certified B (public benefit) Corporation and honored to be named one of the best places to work in the B corp community.

What we do

We create powerful, award-winning, privacy and security tools that are simple to use and make the Internet better. These days just by using the Internet you’re subject to invisible tracking, malware, identity theft and data breaches that put your sensitive private information at risk. We strive to make it easy to understand online privacy and give you the ability to control access to your personal information.

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