Mobile Tips

1.Plan to Mobilize Your Entire Microsoft Investment, Not Just Email

Many organizations start with mobile email. However the minute you finish mobilizing Exchange, your users will be asking for Lync, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and more. It’s important not to lose sight of the big picture – mobility will be the primary computing
surface for your business. Consider your mobile needs today. Then double the number of users and double the number of apps. Then do it again. Ensure your mobility solution will scale and that you can manage and support it at scale.

2.Accept the Reality of Device Diversity

It’s clear that the days of a standardized Windows platform with tightly integrated apps are long gone. The reality is that your Microsoft backend systems will be accessed from iOS, Android, Windows and other devices. Plan to manage this device diversity, and not rely on Microsoft to do it for you. Ensure your enterprise mobility management platform is purpose built for mobile and cross-platform support.

3.Design a Common Architecture for Accessing All Your Microsoft Apps

A common challenge in accessing your backend Microsoft systems is providing secure access. Unfortunately, with many optionsyou access Exchange one way, SharePoint another, and Dynamics CRM a third. When each application takes its own approach to security, firewall traversal and backend integration, the resulting patchwork of inbound ports, VPN and other “one offs” can be brittle and vulnerable. Choose an architecture that provides consistent access and enterprise-grade security across all your Microsoft apps, with your choice of cloud or on premise deployment options.

4.Carefully Consider Your Security Needs

Different organizations require different levels of security. However, many consumer-grade apps that access Microsoft backendsonly enable one security level – the lowest. Some store credentials in the cloud. Some use unencrypted connections or data storage.
Many don’t work with advanced security like two-factor authentication. Make sure you understand both your risk level and how yourmobile apps work “under the hood.”


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